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In this century, there is an endless choice when it comes to selecting makeup products. Instead of providing the flexibility to buy it, some girls or women find it confusing. For beginners who want to apply lipstick have to put more effort and time on everything. Buying a suitable type of lipstick was never just about shades that are alluring and appealing.


You need to make sure that the type of lipstick that you are going to buy meets your requirements. Furthermore, being aware of the type of lipstick and the purpose acknowledges you about its pros and cons. By the end of this article, we will make sure that you will know about what lipstick to use on which occasion and how.


Matte Lipstick

A sophisticated Velvet finish that never misses flaunting the royalty, and this feature is found abundantly in Matte Lipstick. This type of lipstick provides a pure color with a smooth and even texture to the lips. In comparison to sheer or glossy lipstick, which puts more emphasis on lustrous, matte lipstick is the exact opposite.


Use it once, and it will be your treasure in the makeup collection. Not to forget, put on some lip balm at first for a better look. The balm tends to heal the cracks of your lips and gives a marvelous texture to your lips.


Sheer Lipstick

Sometimes all your lips need is some shine and a tiny bit of spark. On occasion, like this, you should opt for Sheer lipstick. Since it's arrival, they are the first choice of women all over the globe. This type of lipstick is enriched in moisturizing oils to make your lips soft and smooth.


Whether it is a dinner date, party, or an office meeting, this lipstick suits on all occasions and every attire you pull off. The only drawback of this lipstick is that it does not last long enough. As a result, you need some touch up for 4 to 5 hours. Not to mention, they are an excellent choice for women having chapped or dry lips.


Cream Lipstick

This type of lipstick is not shiny and gives a hot and smooth effect to the user. They are a perfect match for women having small and silky lips. Unlike others, they consist of cream, which provides a stunning effect to the lips. The most distinctive feature of this lipsticks is that it contains more percentage of wax than others. With this trait, this lipstick tends to last long and takes a lot of time to dry out.


This lipstick is perfect for cold climates as that wax tends to melt in hot or humid conditions. In summer, do not forget to stack it up in the fridge to prevent breakage and consistency. It is also healthy and beneficial for your lips. For better effect, do not forget to overcoat your lips with lip gloss to make it juicy and plumped. Cream lipstick is effortless to apply and has a gliding flow.


Gloss Lipstick

If you want your lips to stand out more (which we probably do), then you can opt for lip gloss. If you have thin and small lips, then don't worry as this type of lipstick tends to make your lip bigger and shiny. If the regular shine is not enough, then use glosses, which consist of glitters. Yes, there is such type of lipsticks in the market, which includes flashy sparkles.


Moreover, you can use your favorite lipstick and overlap with a lip gloss to give a stunning effect. The luminosity factor is high in glosses, which also hydrates your lips every now and then. In the market, they are available in liquid form as well as sticks. They look like a regular lipstick but provides the finishing of gloss.


Stain Lipstick

This type of lipstick can give you those "barely there look." You know what I mean here. They never miss providing those natural colors for your lips. The stain lipstick is not that glossy and shiny. They are designed in such a way that it takes low maintenance and has a high impact on your lips.


Lipstick Stains are very concentrated and come in several colors or shades. They are packaged in the form of a pencil, which makes it easier to apply without messing things up. If you want those hot, smoldering look, then go for a nude color, which can make you look subtle.


The only thing that you should keep in mind while applying this lipstick is that you do not use it for your dinner dates. It has a higher chance of being wiped out. You can prefer this satin lipstick during your day out as a little touch up handles it all.


Long Wearing Or Transfer Resistant Lipstick

If you are one of those girls who doesn't like to be bothered by makeup, then this type of lipstick is definitely for you. This long-wearing lipstick lasts throughout the day and night without reapplying it further. You can attend the parties and long hours outing without any trouble.


In general, this lipstick can lasts up to 4 to 8 hours. However, some of them need to be reapplied if you have some greasy and oily foods. Furthermore, some of these lipsticks contain moisturizers, which prevent your lips from drying off.


Pearl or Frosted Lipsticks

As its name suggests, this type of lipstick gives the glistening and sparkle effect at the end. They provide just the needed amount of shining and looks stunning. But the main drawback of this lipstick is that it is heavy, dry and can crack your lips a bit. However, there is a solution to that. Apply some moisturizer to your lips, and it will be okay.


Balm Tints

These are a type of lipstick that can be of regular use at home, school, or college. Majorly they are found in a crayon form and, in the end, leave a moist and natural look. Depending on the brands, it's durability differs from an hour to a couple of hours. 


Some of the balms also come with SPF protection to keep your lips protected from UV rays. This is a must-have lipstick for your lip care and can be worn daily to moisturize your lips.



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