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Time To Glam Up Your Nose With Different Kinds Of Nose Rings!

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Nose rings are part of an old-age tradition and are the most necessary accessory for women all over the world. This tradition of piercing the nose, ears have lasted in Nepal for several years. Even more, it symbolizes the culture of several cast and sub cast.


In Tamang, Rai, and Aryan community, there is a tradition of piercing your nose on the right or left side. They even pierce the nose at the septum. Here we present to you the type of nose ring that every woman all over the world loved. So let's get started with the famous ones.


Fake Nose Rings

As the name implies, these rings can be inserted even though your nose is not pierced. If you cannot get the thought of getting your nose pierced out of your head but are scared as hell, then you can try these. You can also experiment with the place where you want the piercing and check whether it suits you or not.


Previously, fake rings had a distinguished appearance but not anymore. The famous company has been producing these rings which do not differ from the real ones. Usually, they are hoop rings that fit tight, making it simple to fit one of your noses properly. They are super cool, comfortable, and reliable.


Hoop Nose Rings

These rings are the most popular nose accessory as it has hoops just like the fancy earrings. They are simple and yet stylish. They come in several metals (gold or silver), colors, shapes, sizes, and designs. As it has a wide range of variety, they are popular among girls all over the world.


With the increase in the number of nose ring users, the designer has become more creative than ever. If you want to take all the attention to yourself and want something that matches everything in your wardrobe, then go for gold or silver nose ring. With these, you do not have to worry about replacing it every day.


Nose Stud

These nose rings usually go with the name "Phuli." They have a single stud on the tip, which is seen on the outside of the nostril. In the context of Nepal, they are mostly made up of gold or silver. Despite they are easily available with some fancy gemstones or diamonds.


They are attractive and gives the typical Nepali women vibe. If you want some elegant and classic look, then nose stud is what you seek out.


Nostril Screw Nose Ring

These rings consist of posts that are usually one inch long and bents to form a 'C' curve. It is inserted with a twist and is literally screwed into your nose. Nostril Screw nose ring can be bought pre-bent and are available with a straight post. They can also be bent later with the user's desire.


Septum Clickers

If you are fed up with those traditional rings and want to try new, then you can opt for Septum Clickers. These nose rings come in a piece and has a straight bar at the top. That bar is inserted through the septum of your nose. In the end, you will get those circular hoops at the bottom, which helps to show off your nose.


Septum clickers are easy to put into and are very safe. Unlike other rings, the hoop part of the septum clickers is found according to your desire. They are trendy and comes in fancy designs to quench your thirst for fashion.


Captive Bead And Bar Closure Nose Ring

If you want to try simple and easy, then you should try some circular rings. It comes in two basic designs. Firstly, a captive bead ring has a small ball that is held in a place using the ring's tension. Lastly, a bar closure nose ring, they are similar to finger-ring. This nose ring has the feature of a small piece to come out, which makes it easier to wear.


It can rotate easily to 360 degrees, which makes it even more easy to clean off the dirt. They are easy to insert, trendy and makes you look awesome


Fishtail Nose Rings

If you are tired of all these nose rings and want to try something new and stylish, then you should better try a fishtail nose ring. They are approximately 19 mm long. They are usually custom-designed. So if you want something that belongs to only you and is one-piece, then this is the design to seek out.


You can get these from the piercer who is reliable. The piercer will use some device to measure your nose. Eventually, he or she will curve the metal bar in accordance with your nostril measurements. Unlike others, it comes in numerous designs. Some include balls, gemstones, diamonds, and have various shapes at the tip.


Gemstone Nose Rings

Gemstone can make any accessory look royal and expensive. The most distinctive feature of this type of ring is that it contains some fancy gem. Gemstone can be anything starting from your birthstone, diamonds to opal that tends to match everything you wear. Not to forget, these nose rings add some class and elegance to the user.


Labret Nose Rings

Labret nose ring has a stud with a flat disk at one end and has a removable ball or gemstone on the other.  The removable end consists of either a screw or just pops into the place. They are not so common in nose piercing, but the majority of people use them as a nose ring.


At first, Labret was not invented with the purpose of nose piercings, but as time passed, people started admiring it. They are a perfect choice if the user has multi piercings on the same part of the nostril. It is usually inserted from the backside and starts at approximately 18 gauge. In addition to this, Labret is hard to wear, and you might even need help from your colleague to insert it.


L-shaped Nose Rings

They are an L-shaped nose ring that is made in 90 degrees angle. They tend to fit precisely than any other nose ring. It is easier to insert them and are less than 7 millimeters from start to end. Some might be even shorter than them.


Moreover, they come in various designs and styles. Also, this L shape comes in the left and right versions. The choice is yours.


Nose Bone Rings

This type of nose ring has stud made straight and is slightly flared at one point. They consist of a small ball that prevents the ring from falling out. If your nose piercing is not healed, then we would not like to recommend these rings. But if the piercing is healed, later try out this too.

Nose Rings
Nose Rings
Nose Rings


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