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As someone who adores cat eye everyday, we know the struggle, hardship of a solid winged tip too well. The accuracy, the time, the upkeep, its never that easy. With all the years spent on trial and error, trying every types of eyeliners in the book, we have come to a sobering conclusion.There is no single formula that is applicable to all.


We are not saying that the industry is failing us and the formulas are worthless. It is just that your perfect eyeliner depends on the look that you are aiming to achieve. Let it be smoky and subtle, or inky and razor sharp, all you need to know is about the type of eyeliner.


Dont you worry about this tiny stuff as we will unfold everything you need to know about the type of eyeliner. We will make sure that from now on there will be no girls or women who will end up in those racoon eyes!


Pencil Eyeliner

Pencil Eyeliner is convenient and comfortable to wear. It has a similar appearance as a school pencil. Likewise, they are made up of wood, and you can sharp them to have that clear and slender looks. This type of eyeliners is creamier and comes in several shades or colors. For a starter, this is the ultimate makeup tool that can be purchased within the budget.


They tend to be as easier as a drawing, which never misses appearing slightly smokey, smudged, and more. However, nowadays, this comes in a mechanical style. It comes with a plastic cylinder with a retractable pencil. As a result, you have more control over it, and very few products are lost on the process.


Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid Eyeliner is the best option if you are a big fan of cat-eye makeup. To make the liner more precise liquid eyeliner is of two types. On the one hand, we have felt tip marker which has a felt tip. Instead of a brush, the felt tip allows more control in the lines you are making.


If you have a steady hand, then this can work a lot in favor of yours. Making beautiful shapes and geometric patterns with this eyeliner is a child's play. A piece of advice for you is that hold it flat against your eye for thick liner while perpendicular to your eye can give you thinner wispier lines.


Unlike others, it is quite stable and does not fall off easily. A felt tip also helps not to add too much product as a brush would. Therefore, there is no risk of the liner falling and flaking in your eyes due to excess product. On the other hand, we have a liquid liner with a brush tip. They tend to dry off faster and are pretty handy.


Eye Shadow As Eyeliner

Eyeshadow is the makeup product that is always with you. So if you are out of eyeliners, then be smart and use eyeshadow as an eyeliner. They can give you those smokey and smoldering eyes that everybody envies. There is no denying that this type of eyeliner does not last long. 


However, this problem can be easily solved with the help of some waterproof pencil or other long-lasting liners. While using this trick, be creative and challenge yourself.


Kajal Eyeliner

They are the typical eyeliner which gives a very sophisticated look that is hot and heart winning. This type of eyeliner has many benefit over other eyeliners: they are not creamy. As a result, smudge is out of the question. It won't smudge even in the waterline. The only thing it requires is a teeny tiny bit of moisture. Whether it be a drop of water from the tip of your finger or the water in your waterline, kajal eyeliner works in everything.


Assume it as a dried-out marker. There is no doubt that if you try to write it dry, it is futile. In a case like this, use a bit of water, and it will write smooth. Unlike pencil eyeliner, they tend to last longer than any other type of eyeliners.


Fun Fact: Kajal is believed to originate from Arab. However, ancestors from Egypt were the first user of Kajal.

Kohl Eyeliner 

This type of eyeliner is known in the industry for its creaminess. It is quite different than the regular pencil eyeliner as it can be easily smudged. No wonder it can create those flawless smokey eyes without even tugging your eyes so much. If you prefer smokey eyes without using just eyeliner, then you should choose Kohl eyeliner rather than Kajal.


Kohl is super easy to apply even to the waterline. The beneficial side of this eyeliner is that it won't make your eyes watery so much. You do not have to retrace your liners more often.


Retractable Eyeliner

A retractable eyeliner or a mechanical pencil eyeliner is not much different than Kohl pencil or any regular pencil eyeliner. However, there is one difference between them, and that is this type of eyeliner can not be sharpened. Due to which it cannot be used to create a cat-eye with this liner.


The downside of this type of eyeliner is the originally sharpened liner, and the crisp point is dull. This liner does not have the feature to sharp the liner, so it is impossible to make it pointier.


Gel Eyeliner

This type of eyeliner has a texture similar to an eye pencil and a liquid eyeliner. They are quite thicker than the liquid liner and are creamier than an eye pencil. This product comes in a little pot and should be applied with a brush. That brush helps marvelously to make your eyeliner thick or thin according to your desire. This eyeliner can be applied when you are going somewhere rainy or swimming pool as they are waterproof.


They are made up of wax and do not come off easily. It looks great in the waterline as it is waterproof. Although it is challenging to do so, we would like to recommend you to dip the end of pencil eyeliner in the gel liner. After that, use the pencil tip to smudge on your waterline. Using a brush or q-tip will make your eyes red and teary.



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