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Wearing makeup is not every girl's cup of tea. It requires a lot of knowledge, patience, and will to learn. Makeup has become a boon for numerous women all over the world. Use makeup wisely; it can turn you into Snow White, use haphazardly, and you will look like Queen Grimhilde. Many of you might have felt empowered, confident after wearing a layer of makeup. Yes, that is the magic of makeup.


For that magic to happen, you need a proper wand, and that wand is makeup brushes. A makeup brush plays a vital role in turning that excellent star-like look in reality. But you should know how to use which brushes for what purposes. Tiring, Isn't it? But don't worry, we are here to take the burden off your shoulder. Read this article to enlarge the horizon of makeup.


Foundation Brush

Your daily makeup routine cannot start in the absence of a foundation. Not to mention that it works as a base and helps to initiate your further makeup. Applying a liquid foundation is a tough job if you do not have the proper brush. We have two types of foundation brushes.


One has a flat top while another looks similar to a paintbrush. Both of them are equally important and provides a flawless finish with your foundation. Speaking of which, a good foundation brush has straight and flexible brushes. As we all know, the foundation plays a pivotal role in making your face even and make your skin complexion uniform.


From hiding the marks, pimples to the streak marks, a foundation can do magic. At first, apply the product to the forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin. Soon after that, use this makeup brush to blend it over your face. Foundation brushes have a wide range of variety in the context of its lengths. However, it is up to you to choose this brush.


Stippling Brushes

Stippling Brushes is one of a kind that creates a flawless, airbrushed base with stunning results. Also, this can be used to apply blush, foundation, powder, highlighters, or bronzer. It is a convenient tool for applying liquid or any cream products. It lacks duo-fiber bristles at the top of it. As a result, it is light and provides a gentle touch to make your look natural.


Moreover, it has a light ends that give a feathery feel. For better results, use this brush in a circular motion, up and down, to dot the product onto your face.


Concealer Brush

After all the foundation work is accomplished, you have to use concealer. Concealer is useful to brighten up the dull areas on your face and to hide your imperfection. For a precise look, you better use a small concealer brush. Generally, this makeup brush is a miniature version of a foundation brush.


It is shaped like and paintbrush. Despite the fact that it is dense in comparison to that. Not to forget, while using a concealer brush, apply a small amount of product to the required area. Soon after that, lightly dab onto your skin till it blends perfectly with your foundation. It works well to hide your acne, dark spots, dark circles, and other imperfection.


Powder Brush

As soon as you finish applying the base, you can set everything with the help of loose powder. The powder can be a perfect product to make your makeup stay in place throughout the day and can give you those flawless looks. Unlike other brushes, the powder brush is huge and fluffy.


Mostly there is domed shape in order to disperse the product all over the face. This makeup brush is meant to distribute the product around the face evenly. Not to forget, you should tap off the excess makeup on the brush before applying to your face.


Blush Brush

If you are using a powder blush, then you need a perfect blush brush to get a natural look when applying it. If you do not use a correct makeup brush, then you might have that cakey and unnatural look. Some blush brush has a fluffy design as those of powder blush, but it is smaller to fit on the cheeks.


Some even consist of a slight angle for better results. If you are using cream blush, then you might want to go for a stippling motion for a gorgeous look. Even more, if you are using a powder blush, then start from the apples of the cheeks and sweep the brush around the temples.


A piece of advice from us is that when applying, use a small amount of product and keep blending it.


Contour Brush

For a sculpted hot look, contouring is what you need. You can use any makeup brush for contouring, but we would like to recommend a specific contouring brush. The reason is simple as this brush has angled bristles and is very dense. They go with a cream or powdered makeups. Use contour on the temples, on the jawline, sides of the noses for a sleek look.


Bronzer Brush

A sunkissed, glowy look without basking in the sun can be easily obtained from Bronzer. They are similar in shape to blush brush or powder brush. The most distinctive feature of this brush is it is wide and fluffy. For a natural look, take a small portion of the product and dip the brush in it and apply around the temples, cheek, and jawline, making a '3' shape.


Highlight Brush

This makeup brush has a very different appearance than most of the brushes. It has a fan-like appearance with thin bristles. The fan shape is for you to apply the glowy products evenly to the tops of your cheekbones. In 2020, highlighter is the most trendy makeup product, so do not forget to add this in your collection.


Even more, you can apply the higher to the tip of your nose and cupid's bow for a pixie look.


Eyeshadow Brush

This makeup brush is smaller and denser than previously mentioned brushes. This is one of the traits that make it easier to use for eye purposes. They are designed for a precise application of the eyeshadow.


There is a lid brush to apply on top of the eyelids. This brush is shaped like a foundation brush, has bristles, and is compact or denser.


Lip Brush

Applying lipstick directly can be tough and messy. But do not worry as there is a lipstick brush strictly made to apply lipstick. They are thin, small with a layer of sleek bristles, and are similar to a paintbrush. For a better look, apply lip liner of the same color and later apply the lipstick with this makeup brush.


It makes your lip clean and effortless. This brush can also soften up the harsh lines of your lips and can blend in two lip colors for an ombre effect.

Makeup Brush
Makeup Brush
Makeup Brush


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