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Look Fabulous This Winter With These Sajhadeal Products!!

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Winter is here! With winter comes the destination to visit the place where it will snow abundantly. But we need to be prepared for the snow. By that, I mean you need some excessively warm clothes that are stylish as well. With an aim to make your winter warm and super fashionable, here are some clothes that you need to add in your wardrobe.


Two-Tone Metallic Hoodie Jacket

If you are a sporty girl and are bored with the same dull, boring look, then don't worry, we have something for you. This two-tone metallic hoodie jacket is half-metallic in color, which provides a chic and elegant look. You can wear this anytime during the fall season. It is derived from the funky design of the combination between a hoodie and a jacket.


As a result, it's the collar like a hoodie, and the zipper gives a touch of a jacket. They are made up of 100% nylon, and its fabric is not stretchable. The most distinctive feature of this jacket is that it has pockets. You can purchase this item according to your size in Sajhadeal.


Khaki Contrast Sherpa Lining Single Button Hooded Coat

If you want some coat in 2020, then it will not be a bad idea to invest in this single button hooded coat. First thing, it's khaki color is fantastic ( which is important too). Second thing, they are warm, cozy, and comfortable. Lastly, unlike other coats, it's single-button feature makes it unique.


Its collar is similar to the regular hoodie and consists of a hoodie cap, which turns out to be pretty warm. If you are a bit plus size, then don't worry, they come in oversize and helps to hide some of your flaws. Get your favorite muffler, beanie cap, boots, and you are ready to go.


Colorblock Single Breasted Denim Jacket

A creative color combination of red and pink makes this denim jacket look feminine yet cool. It's left front, and right sleeve are dyed in red color, and the whole other parts are pink. If you are bored with the same blue or black denim jeans, then this can be head twister in the streets.

This Colorblock single-breasted denim jacket has nonelastic fabric and is perfect for outings. For a simple look, you can pair it with some white T-shirt, crop tee. You can also wear it in the winter over some sweatshirts or sweaters.


SHEIN Cut And Sew Pullover

Stripes and multicolor is always the best attire for girls and women. They are funky and gives those cute look that you crave for. This pullover has a long sleeve and is applicable for fall/winter. It is composed of 5% spandex, 30% cotton, and 65% polyester. Without a doubt, it is stretchable to some limit.


A round neck sweater with a combo of black, pink, and white is perfect for young girls. For a cute look, pair it with denim jeans (or any pants will do) and some sneakers, Nike, Converse. Don't forget your fluffy muffler. If you are a glass user, then your looks are like a cherry on top with those messy buns.


Frayed Drawstring Detail Hooded Sweater

This sweater never misses a chance to give you those hippie, funky, carefree, gothic looks. As it comes in the dark or let's say the gloomy color, you can have those cool look effortlessly. Despite being a sweater, it consists of a cool zipper and a hoodie cap. The bottom is some sort of ripped which gives those chic and elegant look.


If you want to go for a gothic style, then high boots are extremely recommended. Even the zipper allows you to flaunt your innerwear or T-shirts. If you are curious about which season you should wear, then I would like to suggest spring or fall. It is made up of 100% Acrylic.


Bishop Sleeve Pearl Beading Crop Sweater

The Victorian age inspires bishop sleeves, and since it's arrival, it is women's favorite. Now imagine bishop sleeves in a sweater. Super trendy, isn't it? What would happen if those cute little pearls were on it? Yeah, we get Bishop Sleeve Pearl Beading Crop Sweater.


It is made up of 100% Acrylic, and its fabric can be stretched to some extent. They look good in tights pants and high heels. For an accessory, use a necklace that is long enough to reach your stomach.


Drop Shoulder Ripped Denim Jacket

There is no denying that denim never goes out of fashion. Whether it is bag, blazers, pullover, jackets, or anything, they are super trendy. But at some point, blue or black color is seen enough in the market, and you want to try something new. In such cases, this yellow drop shoulder ripped denim jacket does the rescue.


Its yellow color is enough to grab all those attending. It is ripped and never misses a chance to give those grunge vibes from the late 90s. We would like to recommend some ripped grungy denim pants with this jacket. For funky looks, do not miss those huge hoop earrings.


Solid High Low Sweater

This high neck sweater is something that will be super handy and warm this winter. It comes in free size, and the most amazing thing about these sweaters is that its sleeves can be pulled up easily. If you are wearing a solid jumper underneath it, then don't forget to flaunt your jumper too.


Made up of 100% Acrylic makes it stretchable to some point. It is plain and comes in green color. If you opt for this, then white pants and long boots are what I recommend. Some gloves, beanie caps, and mufflers are further essentials.


Zip-Up Sherpa Lined PU Leather Jacket

This stunningly beautiful jacket is fancy and warm at the same time. It is made up of 100% polyester and is not stretchable. On the front, it has an asymmetrical zipper. There is a faux fur on the inner side of it, which looks fabulous when you show your collar and sleeves.


Do not forget to pair it with some sun hat and denim jeans. To sum up, the look, wear some leather boots, and you are ready to go.

SajhaDeal Products
SajhaDeal Products
SajhaDeal Products


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