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Ladies Tops That You Need To Add In Your Closet

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Every girl gang has its own style to express themselves in their day to day life. Due to the hectic schedule, it is tough to prepare something new every day. However, it is not enough to stop the girls from looking pretty, chic, and elegant.


With the aim to make your fashion life easy, we would like to present some ladies tops that you will love. Maybe you also want to add it to your wardrobe. They are fashionable, trendy, and comfortable. We will also drop some fashion tips so that you can look flawless every time.


Tie-up Top

This type of tops has a very peculiar design which looks very fancy and time-consuming. Unlike its appearance, they are effortless to wear, just like T-shirts. They come in various designs such as tie-ups joining the front (similar to waist top), and another is where a divided hem is tied into a knot in the center.


Even more, the tie-up details around the neck seem to be alluring. When you wear this cloth, don't forget to pair them with some casual pants and some accessories. Oh yeah! A cool pair of sunglasses is like a cherry on top.



This Ladies top comes in many prints and distinctive patterns. The tunic is a loose-fitting top that outstretches to the mid-thighs. If you are fed up off your bulging tummy being seen in every top, then this is for you. The feature of a loose design in your stomach area hides your bulging belly.


Blouson Top

A blouson top is a typically flowing dress that has a fitted or elasticated waistband. This ladies top comes in a very light fabric that is easy to wash and dry. Even more, this apparel looks absolutely stunning in wide-legged pants or skinny jeans. Most of the time, blouson top comes with three-fourth length or long sleeves.


Body Suit

This Ladies top is a one-piece kind of attire that covers the torso and crotch. Its fabric is stretchy and also works as a body shaper. Pair it with any skirts, pant, and you are good to go. As it has stretchy fabric, it is comfortable and stylish at the same time.


Cape Style Top

Cape Style Top is sleeveless outerwear that hangs the wearer's back, chest, arms, and fastens at the neck. It consists of sleeves (elbow long) and stretches up to the waist. It has two types, either it has a layer, or the entire top is like a cape in itself. It is somewhat similar to a T-shirt and has no fastening of tie-ups feature. Team it with some tights and wear heels to get a chic look.


Cami Top

Speaking of tops, there is no way that we can miss this cute little Ladies top. It is a must cloth to have in your wardrobe. This top is a camisole with spaghetti straps, which is worn as a top rather than as an inner-wear. It is quite similar to a camisole, but it's different in its own way.


This cute top looks best with boyfriend jeans or some mommy jeans. Similarly, when paired with mini skirts and shorts, this looks even cuter. For a casual outing, wear it with some jackets, or basic striped T-shirts.


Corset Top

Corset tops have a fantastic design of a lace-up style in the waist. Or should we say the pseudo corset? It fits tightly below the chest, around the waist, giving your figure a flat shape. To be precise, it can be taken as a kind of cinched waist top. To sum up, add a bishop or balloon sleeves to have that great vintage look.


Choker Top

With the increase of choker in today's context, designers added this feature to the tops as well. It is nothing but a basic top with a round or a V neckline. A strip of fabric that has the same print of top works like the combo of a choker and this ladies top. If you prefer this top, there is no need to add up some accessories such as drop earrings, hoops 'coz let the choker handle all the glam, folks'.


Crop Top

Now, this ladies top needs no introduction. At times, this top spread like wildfire around the streets. It is like a regular top that has been cut or cropped to flaunt your midriff or tummy. You can wear it in a casual outing to have some effortless college looks. This apparel tends to look beautiful in a palazzo, tights, and some boots.


Unlike other ladies tops, a Crop top is very versatile and can be worn on every occasion. It is trendy and suits women of every shape and size.


Empire Waist Top

The dress is as cool, royal, and high fashion as it sounds. This top is raised to a waistline and has an elastic. The most distinctive feature of this top is that it enhances your awesome curves. It is also trendy, fashionable, and stylish to wear.


Fitted Top

This ladies top helps you to flaunt your gorgeous body. This apparel is very versatile and tends to look good in every clothing. With baggy jeans and sneakers, it becomes cool, use tights or skinny jeans to look chic. The primary objective of this dress is to show off the shape of your body.



Japanese culture has been alluring people with discipline and tradition. Now, this kimono style has been derived in ladies tops. It is long, loose, and has a wide bell-like sleeve that is often tied with a sash. These kimono tops are sophisticated, comfortable, and stylish.


You can pair it with some short shorts, high waist pants, and some sandals will not harm.


Layered Top

There is no doubt that this layered top like this one is a pretty good thing to invest in. They are easy to pick and are dressy for college or at work. It is perfect before those times when you be like, "I have nothing to wear." If you want to use accessories, then it is not as hard as you have expected.


Ladies Top
Ladies Top
Ladies Top


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