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Different Types Of Women Socks That You Need To Know

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People always hustle up to get some designer clothes and look fashionable. But what we are forgetting is about socks. This tiny itty bitty piece of clothes plays a significant role in making you feel comfortable. You cannot just put any socks when you are wearing plumps or sporty shoes. A little carelessness of yours can lead up to a fashion disaster.


Even more, we are no that much concerned about our feet. If your feet stink and you are using different fabrics of socks randomly, then you are at a loss. Many of you may have realized that the pungent smell coming out of your feet can put a negative impression on the people. But don't worry as we will reveal everything you ever need to know about women socks in this single article.


According to Length

1. Half Socks

These half women socks are meant to cover the mid arch of your foot and toes. They can be worn with slippers, mules, and casual wear.


2. Belly Socks/ No show socks

These women socks cover the heel of your foot, which makes it comfortable to wear in plumps. These types of socks are unseen in the shoes and are so-called Invisible socks. They have an elastic strap that hugs thumb and only a limited area of the foot. They tend to cover the feet of the heel area.


3. Anklet Socks

This kind of socks ends around the ankle bone and covers the whole ankle area. These socks are worn inside the running shoes and are called booties. Even more, while wearing shoes, a slight hint of the presence of socks is also seen. Surprisingly that is one of the stylish things about these women socks.


4. Mid Calf Socks

As its name suggests, it stretches up to the mid-calf, i.e. between the ankle and the knee. However, they do not entirely cover your calf. They come in various fabrics. In winter, you can also purchase woolen material to keep your legs warm and cozy. Moreover, these women socks also come in sheer and net fabric, which looks stunning in skirts and dresses.


5. Crew Length Socks

This kind of socks comes with ribbing on the top edge. Typically crew length socks extend up to 6 to 8 inches up from the heel. They give a sporty kind of vibes and go well with hiking looks.


6. Calf Socks

Calf socks completely cover the calves and stay a little below from the knee. They provide a kind of protection which makes sportspeople and athletes love them. Women also use these socks to cover their legs in winter while wearing boots.


7. Knee High Socks

Just like its name suggests, these cute socks stretch up to your knee. Majorly it is worn inside the boots. Even more, they act as a cushion, which provides extra protection to the legs and keeps it warm. At some institute, school these women socks is also a part of a uniform. It looks beautiful under skirts or shorts.


8. Thigh High Socks

This kind of socks comes above the knee and looks hot under short skirts. It is also very reliable for the schoolgirls to hide their legs. But to make it fun, these socks come in many prints that are cute or kawaii. Going back to history, these socks originated from Scotland.


9. Stockings

If you are getting the urge to wear your favorite dress on a night of chilly winter, then this is just for you. Or in the world of mini-skirts, you hesitate to show off your leg; then, stocking is your kind of thing. It is a must-have piece of cloth in your wardrobe. They are like tights that fit perfectly in any size of the body.


According to Looks

1. Split -toe Socks

You might have noticed a Japanese girl wearing kimono. While wearing this traditional dress, they use flip-flops. In addition to this, they wear a special kind of socks which is called Tabi in their language. But we call it split-toe socks as its toe is split, letting you wear those slippers comfortably.


2. Toe Socks

Toe Socks, aka glove socks, five-toe socks, finger socks have peculiar designs that cover each toe individually. They come in various lengths such as the ankle, calf-length, knee-length, and many more. They are handy, cool, and popular among all age groups.


3. Toe Less Socks

This sock was invented with the motivation to make the movement easy for yoga and dance. The most distinctive feature of this sock is it does not cover the toes. So that makes it pretty easy to move smoothly, and you do not feel that you are wearing socks.


According To Fabrics

There is no denying that socks are made up of cotton, nylon, olefin, polyester, or acrylic. However, nowadays, people prefer natural fabrics in their daily products. Talking about winter socks, they are made up of bulky yarn, which makes our leg warm. Some of them are described below.


1. Hand Made Socks

These women socks are hand made, which means they are knitted by hand. As a result, they come in several exciting patterns, colors and you can make or buy as your choice in the market. As it is hand made, they tend to last long and is warm in comparison to other socks.


2. Fiber socks

The majority of socks are made up of fabrics of wool, cotton, polyester, and many more. However, lace and faux fur are dominating other fabrics as they are stylish, fashionable, cozy, and warm. Among all topped ankle length socks are popular as it stretches very high. They are majorly used at the time of winter.


3. Cotton Socks

If your feet sweat a bit too much in the summer, then you might want to rethink which type of socks you are using. Cotton socks tend to absorb the excessive sweat that comes out of your feet. Another fantastic feature of these women socks is that it reduces the pungent smell coming from your feet.


4. Printed Socks

At times, there used to be simple socks having a neutral color such as white, grey, red, black, blue, and many more. As the world has been changing, socks are too. People prefer vibrant fluorescent colors, which led to printed socks. Your favorite design can be printed now.

Women Socks
Women Socks
Women Socks


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