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Online Shopping has become a global phenomenon in the past decade. Gone are the days of standing in queues and strolling around shops to find your perfect fit. The journey in finding the best shirt has its own rigorous search protocol which is pretty taxing. With the advent of the internet and the continuous growth of e-commerce, shopping is much easier than it ever was. On the bright side, it is comparatively less pricey as well. The world is familiar with names like Amazon and Alibaba and it should be noted that these giants built their fortune through online stores.



Those were the global powerhouses in terms of e-commerce. Let’s level the playing field and observe what the local market has to offer. In Nepal also there are numerous e-commerce websites that vouch for the title of Best Online Store in Nepal.The battle is tough but there are people that place their bucks on the relatively new contender, “Sajhadeal”. Upon inspecting its background, it can be found that is approximately 3 years old. The common notion that everyone has is “Isn’t it too green?” Well, rest assured as it is backed by 6 skilled individuals that aspire to make an everlasting impact on the fashion industry. 



As with any e-commerce website, it provides buyers with a huge portfolio of products. These products range from clothing, accessories, and a variety of beauty commodities. It is well on its way to add additional items like electronics. Since it focuses on beauty and clothing accessories a lot, Sajhadeal is labeled by many as the best fashion store in Nepal.  This website is a utopia for fashion fanatics. At your fingertips, you can scroll through products like mascara, eye shadow, concealers, and lip glosses. With this much option, a funny debacle you’ll face is choosing what product should be bought first.



The demarcation point between Sajhadeal and other e-commerce websites in Nepal is that Sajhadeal emphasizes on providing its customers with an authentic shopping experience. It is not only built to earn revenue by selling n number of products. It revolves around the idea that fashion is not just a commodity for the rich. Even normal people can wear fashionable products at an affordable rate and without breaking the bank. Quality products, Customized delivery, quick delivery, and easy accessibility are the building blocks of Sajhadeal and will continue to be for the coming years. 



To become the best e-commerce website is the primary motive of Sajhadeal but to reach the summit, there are certain obstacles to be tackled. Sajhadeal prioritizes not only online marketing but is slowly making its mark through offline media as well. This is done in order to increase its reach to the customers. 



The moniker of ‘best online store in Nepal’ is not something that can be earned so easily. There needs to be a certain drive among people running it. The ability to understand the market scenario and to come up with wise decisions is also a must. At Sajhadeal, we possess such traits with the added benefit of keeping the customer’s priority first. 


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